"A musical genius is someone who has musical ideas of a very high quality, whether original or interpretative (this is largely subjective, including questions of taste), and the ability to execute those ideas at a very high level (this is less subjective). Musical genius is not defined by things like: perfect pitch."


- Quora -

At Los Musick Productions (LMP), you don't just find beats. You find the perfect melody for the perfect project. Every beat is hand-crafted and authentic to LMP, so every track you purchase is guaranteed. 100% guaranteed and backed by all LMP clients.

Well ahead of its time. LMP is an evolution in music. Music has come a very long way and it is constantly, and in this era, rapidly changing. Originality is the key to success in this industry. It's more than a collection of notes put together that sound good ... we make melodies that feel good to the soul. 

With a ever-growing library of tracks for every genre, And quality we will stand on ... LMP wants to be YOUR BEAT SOURCE!

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